When was the firm founded?

Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC was founded April 27, 2006 by
Thomas H. Wilkins, CFA

What does “CFA” mean?

The title “CFA” means “Chartered Financial Analyst.” See the report
“Why Select a CFA Charterholder?” on the Services page of our website.

Why is the firm named “Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC”?

The firm honors an unsung hero of American history, Sir Joseph Jekyll,
Master of the Rolls, jurist, and member of the House of Commons. His
motion to grant £10,000 to the struggling Colony of Georgia in the
House of Commons on May 10, 1733 was the first ever support by the
British government for an American colony. See the Georgia Historical
Quarterly, Volume XCI, summer, 2007, Number 2 for an article on Sir
Joseph Jekyll authored by Thomas H Wilkins.
Sir Joseph Jekyll is admired because he analyzed fundamental factors
and realized that people and nations must discontinue non-competitive
strategies and adopt creative innovations.

Who are the clients of Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC?

The clients of Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC are individual investors.

Why should I invest with your firm versus someone else’s?

Thomas H. Wilkins is a Chartered Financial Analyst and gives one-onone
account management. He is a good listener and generally speaking
not an active trader.
Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC is not a broker and does not earn
commissions on transactions. Mr. Wilkins does his own independent
investment research.

How would a client know their money is secure?

Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC does not personally hold any clients money
and generally does not have, unless specifically requested, authority to
withdraw funds from a customer’s account, except for annual or
quarterly fees.
Client assets are normally held with a custodian or a discount broker.
Current client accounts are held at Schwab, Fidelity, Etrade and BNY
Mellon Wealth Management (a non-brokerage custodian).

What if clients just want to give you money to invest but they don’t want
to fill out the full financial history form.

The goals, objectives and risk tolerances of a client need to be known.
If a client is sensitive about releasing financial information, disclosure
can be structured to give ranges of income, and assets and liabilities. All
information disclosed to Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC is held in
confidence and is not traded or released, except when specifically
requested by a client, such as for a reference or for opening a brokerage
or custodian account.

Who pays the transaction cost? i.e. cost of buying and selling.

The transaction fees are very low and paid directly to the discount
broker, not to Joseph Jekyll Advisers LLC. Normally transactions cost
approximately $10, except at Fidelity when transactions can be higher if
purchasing non-fidelity funds.

Can a client take out money any time they want?

Yes, a client can take money out any time they want. Positions can be
liquidated in three (3) business days and the funds can be sent by wire
transferred or by mail immediately thereafter. Cash is normally available
on the same day under regulations of brokers and custodians.

What guarantee do you provide that clients won’t lose money?

As is an established rule, advisers cannot guarantee that investors will
not lose money. However, if the client wants a bullet-proof portfolio with
the lowest risk profile, then a portfolio can be constructed to address the
clients need. However, it should be recognized that under current
monetary policy coming from Washington, such an arrangement would
mostly likely produced low returns.

Investment Advisory products and services available through Joseph Jekyll Advisers, LLC, an Investment Adviser registered pursuant to the laws of the State of Georgia.

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